Pegasus Smartech had taken a small step towards using Augmented Reality technology Instead of using old and boring books we had made a very interactive application for the KIDS. With the development of an application which can be used through cell phone, tablets, laptops, Screen, Projectors and other modern devices. The education system has also become modernized to a great extent. Digital education is making its way into the education system and is taking the place of the old theory Visualizing , Hearing and Speaking into the gadget through technology in a very simple way.


Features of the application

Voice over


Zoom in & out

Realistic 3D content

360 Degree rotation

Immersive learning


How to Use

Download Smart Kido application from play store.

Download free demo markers from the application and take a print. Scan the markers and learn in an immersive way.

AR Alphabet

Learn A to Z with our AR alphabet cards, it will help kids to learn in a smart way. This multicolor card will not only be restricted to colors only, but it will also create magic as soon as you track the cards.

AR Number

The AR number cards will help kids to practice the numbers anytime anywhere.

AR Colouring Book

Every kid loves to color. They just can’t wait to do that. Therefore, to add colors in their coloring activity