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AR Alphabet

Learn A to Z with our AR alphabet cards, it will help kids to learn in a smart way. This multicolor card will not only be restricted to colors only, but it will also create magic as soon as you track the cards. On tracking the card the object shown in the card will immerse and give you a 360-degree viewing experience along with the voiceover. The voiceover help kids to learn how to pronounce that particular object and that also includes phonetics and spelling.

Price: 1800 INR Book Now

AR Number

Price: 1800 INR Book Now

The AR number cards will help kids to practice the numbers anytime anywhere. With AR number cards kids will now have the best learning experience because they can see the numbers augmented and they can see the numbers in a 360-degree view. Kids even can zoom in and zoom out the object for the best visual experience. Kids will love to learn with AR number cards.

AR Colouring Book

Price: 1800 INR Book Now

Every kid loves to color. They just can’t wait to do that. Therefore, to add colors in their coloring activity, we have developed the AR coloring books where kids can fill the colors in that object and can see that particular object augmented in a 360-degree view. This AR coloring book is the best activity for the coloring practice. It is engaging, interesting and entertaining. Now kids will fill the colors and feel the best AR experience.

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